Sr.No. Name of CD Year
01 Keynote Speaker at CII TEXCON Conclave 2015 Oct-15
02 Presentation at the inPower for Fashion Event, Le Meridien, New Delhi Fst Fashion: Concept to Wardrobes Feb-13
03 Presentation at the Vastra 2012 Event, Jaipur Tends in 'Fibre to Fashion' Nov-12
04 Presentation at the Sri Lanka Design Festival 2012 Inspire | Innovate | Incubate: an approach to collaborative Innovation in Apparel Export Sector Nov-12
05 Presentation at the Sri Lanka Design Festival 2012 ‘Handmade’ for Sustainable Fashion Futures: Planet | People | Profit Nov-12
06 Presentation at the UK India Skills Forum meeting with JETCO, UK Apr-12
07 Role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Indian Education Industry
• Presentation at Concern India Workshop, 2012
08 Fashion Forward : Trends in Indian Context
• Presentation at CITI, ATEXCON Conference , Mumbai
09 India’s Demographic challenge in the skills development
• Presentation at One Globe 2012 Conference
10 Fashion & Innovation: Towards Exports Retail Convergence
• Presentation at IAM Retail Workshop, Gurgaon
11 Fashion Education 20-22 , Creating Orbit Change Feb-12
12 Steps towards sustainable & responsible competiveness
• Presentation at GIZ workshop on responsible competiveness
13 Brands in Creative Economy 2011
14 Skills for Employ “Ability” : Curious Case of Indian Apparel Industry
• Presentation at World Education Summit
15 Importance of Design as Factor of Competiveness
• Presentation at the WIPO International Symposium on Design, Santiago, Chile
16 Apparel Exports in the “new normal” times
• Presentation at ICAHT-10 by OGTC, New Delhi
17 Keynote speaker at the 150th Anniversary at Brighton University U.K.
Theme : Designing Design Education for the 21st Century India
18 Theme: Mobility in India 2015
Keynote Speaker at SIAM, Styling & Design Conclave.
19 Designed in India made for the World Apr-08
20 Towards Design enabled India 2008
21 Design & Innovation in the Creative Economy 2008
22 Unfolding the future of fashion
• Presentation at IFF (Indian Fashion Forum)
23 Strategic Management on Innovations – Intellectual Property Summit 2008
24 New tools in Management
• Presentation at 20th AIMS Annual Convention
25 Strategy by design in Creative Economy
• Presentation at IIM , Bangalore
26 Towards Design Leadership
• Presentation at 7th CII- NID, Design Summit, Bangalore
27 Strategic design : Designing Spaces, Experiences & Beyond
• Presentation at FICCI, Innovations & Design 2007
28 Presentation on Design Democracy by Service Design Jun/Oct-07
29 PPT for Significance of IPR Management for R & D Organisations Mar-07
30 Indian Retail Designs on the Wall Jan-07
31 Indian Textile Value Chain Leveraging Design Edge Jan-07
32 Presentation at the ICOGRADA, Denmark Jan-07
33 Presentation at the Sheridan College, Canada Jan-07
34 Presentation at the State for Foreign Affairs, Singapore Jan-07
35 PPT on Unleashing Indian Design Prowess in Creative Economy at CII-NID Design Summit 2006 Dec-06
36 Design Democracy in Creative Economy Design for Everyone, Everywhere by Director NID at Pune Design Festival 2006 Nov-06
37 PPT for Mr Simon Gammell, Director, British Council Nov-06
38 PPT for the Parliamentary Committee Meeting Nov-06
39 Design for Competitive Edge at MRVC, Mumbai Oct-06
40 Designing Opportunities: Human Capital in Wool Textiles & Apparel Sector - IWTO Country Summit Oct-06
41 Towards Design Democracy: An Indian Perspective
• SABS Design Institute, at LEKGOTLA
42 Presentation to Shri P C Gupta, Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Company Affairs Aug-06
43 The Indian Textile Industry – Imperatives & Winning Strategies Aug-06
44 Opportunities in Edu Sector: Design & Design Management
45 Emerging Trends in Design, FICCI
46 IPR by Design: Education, Promotion, Protection Apr-06
47 A Presentation to CIM on his visit to Ahmedabad Apr-06
48 Design Education in India: NID Perspective and Opportunities for Collaboration & Networking Apr-06
49 Strategic Design for Competitive Edge & Quality of Life Feb-06
50 A Presentation to His Excellency, Mr Goh Chok Tong, Hon’ble Former Prime Minister & Senior Minister Republic of Singapore Jan-06
51 Design Paradigm Shift: Gearing up for Tomorrow
Presentation at the Design Summit 2005
52 CII Design Task Force: Directions and Action Plans Sep-05
53 Strategic Design Interventions for Commonwealth Games 2010,
Presentation to Chief Minister, Delhi
54 Initiatives in Transportation and Automobile Design Jun-05
55 Strategic Design for Competitive Advantage & Quality of Life Jun-05
56 CMAI: Designing the Future Apr-05
57 Design Enabled India (Towards a Design Policy Framework), Bangalore Feb-05
58 Design Enabled India (Towards a Design Policy Framework), Mumbai Jan-05
59 Design as Strategy for Development Jan-05
60 Presentation on Competitive Advantage through Design Dec-04
61 Design Enabled India (Towards a Design Policy Framework),Delhi Dec-04
62 India Design Vision 2020 at CII-NID Design Summit Dec-04
63 Strategic edge through design Dec-04
64 Towards Design policy framework
-Address at 4th CII-NID Design Summit , New Delhi
65 Towards National Design Policy Envisioning Design in Business Strategy Oct-04
66 NID-SIAM Collaborative initiatives in Automotive Styling & Mobility Design Center. Sep-04
67 Indian Mind: Mind Conclave From Prowess to Power House Jul-04
68 Role of educational institutions in promoting knowledge based ventures, Coimbatore Jun-04
69 Research-Led Design Education for Design Leadership and Design Thought - Indian Economy Apr-04
70 Design for Competitive Advantage Feb-04
71 Design as Strategy Feb-04
72 Design for Competitive Advantage Jan-04
73 Creating New Frontiers in Bamboo: NID’s Sectoral Design Strategy 2004
74 Repositioning Design in India through Design Research, Industry Partnership & Designprenureship, Bangalore Dec-03
75 Innovation and Research in Industry-Institute Partnership Dec-03
76 Presentation at the UNDP-KVIC Conference Nov-03
77 Vibrant Gujarat Sep-03
78 Presentation at NID, Bangalore Jul-03
79 Creating Value through Strategic Design Apr-03
80 Towards Innovation and Design Led-Economy Feb-03
81 The Indian Shopping Experience 2003
82 Presentation at Bangalore Stakeholders' Meeting on Design Policy 2003
83 Presentation at the CII-NID Design Summit 2002, Bangalore Dec-02
84 Why to Why Not: Design for Markets Aug-02
85 Opportunities in the Education Sector: Design and Design Management Apr-02
86 Broad banding Design Policy and Promotion
• Address at the World Design Forum, Seoul
87 Presentation at the CII-NID Design Summit 2001, Bangalore Dec-01
88 Emerging Trends in Design & the need for IP Protection, FICCI Jun-01




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