Conferences And Talks

  • 2022

    Future Proofing Your Future!

    7:00 pm
    Location: SOMAIYA University

    Talk to SOMAIYA University on this and the article on D2C Brands

  • 2021
    1st sept.

    Future Proofing Your Future!

    7:00 pm
    Location: My TedTalk now available on YouTube..

    Future proofing your Future | Dr. Darlie Koshy | TEDxSCAC

  • 2021
    15 Aug

    India @75 :

    7:00 pm

    Leveraging India's Textile Heritage for Leadership

  • 2020
    18 Dec

    DFU Publications Presents

    4:00 pm
    Location: Join LIVE* on YouTube, DFUpublications & FaceBook

    *DFU Publications Presents:* An Invigorating Webinar In Textile-Apparel Sector. *DISCUSSING FUTURE OF JOBS AND SKILLS.* Thought Leader PANELISTS include Policy Makers: Ms Sunita Sanghi & Former TS, Former DG, DGE&T Industry Experts and Academia: Dilip Chenoy, Sec Gen FICCI, Dr Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO, ATDC among others

  • 2020
    21 Nov


    6:00 pm
    Location: LIVE

    Suddenly, smiles have disappeared from the faces .Only masked faces everwhere.Eyes now speak more than what they did before.Obamas new book while writing about some world leaders ( seems to have touched a million copies sold already)writes about the blue eyes of Merkel,which makes me wonder,how observant he was even before masks came into the picture!("Merkel's eyes were big and bright blue and could be touched by turns with frustration, amusement or hints of sorrow" : A Promised Land)