Who are the Wealth creators and Leaders ?

Today’s news report about 50 Percent of assets in India being owned by 10 percent of the people or a small group of people owning most of the wealth in the world raise the question as to what are the most significant characteristics of such wealth creators or successful entrepreneurs and leaders ?

The first standout characteristic is the risk taking ability .Such people in their personal and professional lives are ready to take risks sometimes calculated and sometimes just on heuristics.

The second distinguishable feature is that they normally do not listen to others.They make others listen to them.They mostly listen to themselves.Of course they go out of the way to listen to their customers or constituencies.
Yet another important part of their mental make up is their attitude to life itself which guide their responses to situations and opportunities which then shape their destiny.

It is also interesting that such successful wealth creators and Leaders often convert adversity to opportunity and resiliently fight defeats and setbacks to rise again.

I have also seen in many of the entrepreneurs whom I have personally interacted with ,great powers of observation and numerical , analytical capabilities with cross-functional skills.

The ability to remain calm and undeterred and unperturbed in the midst of turbulence is an important characteristic as well.

So if one intends to take up leadership roles or wants to create wealth listen to yourself more than to others! (An old pic(2008) of Images Fashion Forum…I have mostly run into entrepreneurs through that forum…)
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